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Program of the conference

Program of the event

Detailed program of the conference can be downloaded here.

Plenary speakers

Earl Possardt

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Dr. Earl Possardt obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees in Wildlife Biology from the University of Connecticut and University of Connecticut respectively. He just recently retired from a 44 year career with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service where he served in the National Wildlife Refuge System, Endangered Species program and for the last 24 years in its international program. While he started his career with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service conducting research with sea birds in Alaska one summer in 1976, his real passion has always been reptiles and he eventually established himself as the coordinator for sea turtle conservation programs in the southeastern U.S. and since 1998 has directed and coordinated the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s international program which has grown from supporting a handful of conservation projects focused in Mexico and Costa Rica to over 45 projects in over 30 countries in every region of the world.

Plenary talk title: Sea Turtles Conservation in the World

Dimitris Margaritoulis

Archelon, Greece

A dedicated naturalist, he discovered on the island of Zakynthos, Greece, the largest nesting aggregation of loggerhead turtles in the Mediterranean and since then (1977) works on conservation and research of sea turtles in Greece. He founded (1983) the non-governmental organization Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece (now ARCHELON), which established long-term monitoring projects at the main nesting areas of Greece, and through its pioneer activities on public awareness and environmental education as well as on turtles’ rehabilitation became a model NGO in the region. He represented Greece, under authorization of the government, in several international meetings. Took active part in the elaboration of the Action Plan for the Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean (1989, Nicosia, Cyprus) and its subsequent revision (1998, Arta, Greece), under the auspices of UNEP/MAP. In 1993, he was invited in the Executive Committee of the IUCN’s Marine Turtle Specialist Group (MTSG) and participated in the elaboration of the MTSG’s Global Strategy for the Conservation of Marine Turtles (Mexico, June 1994). In March 1999 became the first MTSG’s Regional Chair for Mediterranean, a position that held until 2010 when he was succeeded by Paolo Casale (his co-chair since 2006). He increased Mediterranean participation in the MTSG by enlisting members from many countries and elevated Mediterranean as an independent region in the global scene. In 2001, he initiated the “Mediterranean Meetings”, in the context of the Annual Sea Turtle Symposia, which bring together Mediterranean scientists to discuss regional matters and augment collaborations. He contributed actively in the organization and implementation of the triennial Mediterranean Conference on Marine Turtles, in cooperation with the Barcelona Convention, the Bern Convention and the Convention for Migratory Species (CMS). In 2002, he was elected in the Board of Directors of the International Sea Turtle Society (ISTS), and from 2005 to 2006 became its President. In 2006 he organized the 26th Annual Sea Turtle Symposium in Greece (Island of Crete, 3-8 April 2006) which hosted about 700 sea turtle workers from 76 countries around the world. For his long-standing work with sea turtles, he received several awards, among them the Athens Academy Award and the ISTS’s Life Time Achievement Award. He participated in many congresses, conferences and authored (& co-authored) many publications on marine turtles. He also served as a reviewer in several scientific journals.

Plenary talk title: Sea turtles in the Mediterranean (personal reflections)


Call for workshops: Workshops are planned during the conference. Please send your requests to the conference chair (


  • Departure time : 9 am from Dream’s Hotel ;
  • Visit of the Landing point of Belyounech (Artisanal fishing site) ; one of the three artisanal fishing sites within the projected marine protected area Jbel Moussa ;
  • Meeting with the members of the first women’s artisanal fishing cooperative in Morocco ) ;
  • Presentation about the MPA Jbel Moussa and interactions with sea turles ; (Rida Derdabi)
  • Explanations about the old whales factory located in Belyounech village ; (Rida Derdabi)
  • Sea Turtles And Argos Satellites Telemetry: A Long Story Of Migration Monitoring (Sophie Baudel)
  • Lunch time : 1 pm
  • Visit to the socio-cultural center in Belyounech : 3 pm
  • Return time : 5 pm


For more details about the projected marine protected area Jbel Moussa, artisanal fishing activity, women’s cooperative, interaction with sea turtles and more, use the links below :


Detailed program about the trip to Belyounech can be downloaded here : Belyounech City